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IS 2036 – 1995 Grade P1

Grade P1 – IS 2036 -1995

Technical Description: These are Paper Based Laminated Bakelite sheets confirming to specification, as per IS:2036, Bakelite Sheets of Grade P1 have Excellent mechanical and adequate electrical properties. suitable for low tension non humid applications.

Applications: Battery eliminator (transformer, switch gears and choke bobbins),Tube light ends and chokes, Control panels, Condenser mountings, Drill back up and Drill entry.

Thickness:Thickness of sheets ranges from 0.5 MM – 50.0 MM.

Size:Standard size of Bakelite sheets: 1220 x 1220mm (4 ft x 4 ft) or 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft).

Tolerance: Bakelite Sheets are supplied as per tolerance specified in IS:2036. More closer tolerance can be met as per customers’ specific requirement.

Colors: Available Bakelite sheet colors are natural brown, dark brown, black and gray.

Technical Data for Grade P1




Average Test


Value As PerIS: 2036- 1995
Insulation Resistance afterimmersion in water for 24 hrs at 20˚C Meg Ohms



Electrical Strength in Oil at 90˙C
Flat wise (3.0 mmThickness) Kv/ mm


Edgewise (5.0 mm Thickness) Kv


Tensile strength kgcm² 1050

Flexural Strength / Cross Breaking strength Kg/cm² 1450 1300 Min.
Shear Strength Kg/cm² 900 750 Min.
Impact Strength (Edgewise Charpy method) KJ/m² 6.2

Specific Gravity 1.38

Water Absorption (Specimen size -50 + 1mm square)
Thickness mm 0.8 3.2 12.0 25.0
Maximum Value mg 435 550 747 862
Typical Value Results mg 245 270 330 380


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