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NEMA LI 1-2001 Grade X

Grade: NEMA X (NEMA Std. LI 1-2001)

Technical Description : Bakelite Sheets of this grade are Paper base Bakelite Sheets. Bakelite Sheets of this grade NEMA X is primarily intended for mechanical applications where electrical requirements are of secondary importance. It is suitable for electrical applications under oil or when dry, but high humidity conditions are to be avoided. It is not equal to fabric base grades of Bakelite in impact strength.

Thickness : Thickness of Bakelite sheets ranges from 0.5 MM – 50.0 MM.

Size : Standard size of Bakelite sheets: 1220 x 1220mm (4 ft x 4 ft) or 1220mm x 610 (4 ft x 2 ft) or 610mm x 610mm (2ft x 2ft) or 2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft).

Tolerance : Bakelite Sheets are supplied as per tolerance specified in I. More closer tolerance can be met as per customers’ specific requirement.

Colors : Available Bakelite sheet colors are natural brown, dark brown, black and gray.

Tolerance : Tolerance of thickness is as per NEMA Standards.

Technical Data of Bakelite Sheet of NEMA Grade X



Average Test


Insulation Resistance afterimmersion in water for 24 hrs at 20˚C Meg Ohms


Electrical Strength in Oil at 90˙C
Flat wise (3.0 mmThickness) Kv/ mm


Edgewise (5.0 mm Thickness) Kv


Tensile strength kgcm² 1050
Flexural Strength / Cross Breaking strength Kg/cm² 1450
Shear Strength Kg/cm² 900
Impact Strength (Edgewise Charpy method KJ/m² 6.2
Specific Gravity 1.38
Water Absorption (Specimen size -50 + 1mm square)
Thickness mm 0.8 3.2 12.0 25.0
Maximum Value mg 435 550 747 862
Typical Value Results mg 245 270 330 380


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