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Bakelite Sheets Fabric Base [Hylam Fibre Sheet]

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.31.50 pmBakelite sheets Fabric base(Hylam Fibre Sheets):

These are Fabric Bakelite sheets made from layers of woven cotton fabric using thermo-setting synthetic resin as the bonding medium. These Bakelite sheets are graded according to coarseness of cloth and electrical properties.

These grades of Fabric Bakelite combine the toughness of metal with the ease of fabrication of wood for mechanical parts in almost every process industry. They are extensively used in the textile industry for making silent gears, shuttles, Spools etc.

Available Fabric base Bakelite grades as per IS Standards 2036-1995

Grade: F1
Grade: F2
Grade: F3
Grade: F4

Available Fabric base Bakelite grades as per NEMA Std. LI 1-2001

Grade: NEMA C
Grade: NEMA CE
Grade: NEMA L
Grade: NEMA LE


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