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Nomex – Mica Sheets

Nomex – Mica Sheets consists of a base of
calendared NOMEX Aramid Paper (T410)

with a layer of cut to size quality ruby clean splittings bonded together with a specially formulated silicone binder.

Nomex – Mica Sheet are manufactured to meet very demanding specifications and are most suited for use as slot insulation in Traction Motor of Electrial Locomotives and Electrial Units. Nomex – Mica is at the time of manufacture, cured to a tack free “B” stage, and is fully cured on application of heat and controlled pressure of the time of moulding at the users end.

Due to the combination of Nomex Paper with a carrier material a high mechanical, in particular high edge tear strength and high resistance to tear propagation is achieved. Nomex Mica is characterized by high thermal endurance, high voltage resistance, good chemical resistance and a low decrease in mechanical and electrical properties after thermal aging.

Nomex – Mica Sheets are generally available in actual wrapper sizes in
0.08/9.10 mm thickness up to maximum of 900 mm x 1000 mm. Other thickness can be manufactured upon special request.


mm 0.10


Tensile Strength


Break Down Voltage


Mica content % 25
Thermal Class H


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