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Mica Paper Cable Tape

Mica Paper Cable Tape consist of high grade reconstituted mica laminated with Electrical grade fibre glass and silicone resin and has been developed to withstand extreme electrical and thermal overload and high moisture environment it is ideally suited for cables designed to have extended fire survival time.

Cable Tape is recommended for application by high speed helial taping on conventional wire wrapping equipment. It is suggested that Cable tapes be used as primary insulation directly on the cooper conductor with mica paper surface of the tape against the conductor, numbers of layers depending on the design of the cable.

Cable Tape is available is width of 6mm and above and is generally supplied in continuous 200 meter rolls on a standard 3 inch dia core, with the mica paper surface on the outside of the roll. Variation to the above can be made on special request.

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+ 0.01



Total mass



+ 14


Bond Content






+ 3


Tensile Strength







Breakdown Voltage


K/ mm






Tape Class (Insulation Class)








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