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Glass Mica Polyester Tape “F” Class

Introduction : It consist of Mica splitting bonded together with Glass cloth and other side polyester film, it is used in Generator field armature coils Requiring maximum resistance to high voltage and temperature of 155º C

Composition : Mica Ruby DL, Glass cloth, 1 mil Polyester Film & “F” Class

Flexibility : The Mica Tapes shall be flexible in cold state (20º C) for a minimum period of 6 months from manufacturing.


1. Width : 20 mm ( Tolerance +1mm) and also available as per the requirement of customer.
2. Thickness : 0.11mm (Average of 40 readings).
3. Tensile Strength : 15 kgs. /Cm. Width.
4. B.D.C.V : 20 (Average on single thickness)
5. Flexibility : Satisfactory.
6. Class of Insulation :“F” Class (Stands 155º C)


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