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Heat Shrinkable Polyester Woven Tape

POLYESTER WOVEN TAPE made from twisted Polyester yarn of continuous filament Polyethylene terephthlate (PET). HOT knife slit edges-woven for grater yarn stability and conformability.

For service or Amor taping from coils and other electrical coils where excellent conformability is required. The shrinkage of these non – fraying tapes following varnish treatment enable coils to be produced with max resin retention and a minimum of void content. For this reason these tapes are specially adaptable to VPI Systems and also wherever Mica wrappers are used.


 Thickness               ����������    :           13mm, .2mm, .25mm, .4mm, .6mm.

Texture                        :           Smooth

Shrinkage @ 350˚F 30 min.(approx)           :           12%

Breaking strength Min./inch of width      :           80

Construction (1”width)                    :           Fill – 40  Wrap – 80

Thermal endurance (uncoated)           ��       :           130˚C

Thermal endurance (class F varnish coated) :           155˚C

All tape is supplied on 3/8 ” hard core.


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