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Mica And Micanite


Mica possesses some of the most exceptional and outstanding blend of properties rarely found in any other product.

PHYSICALLY: Mica is transparent, flexible, optically flat, reflective, refractive, colourless in thin sheets, easily splittable into thin films along its cleavage, resilient and incompressible.CHEMICALLY: Mica is tolerant and completely inert to the action of water, acids (except hydro-hydrofluoric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid), alkalies, bases, mineral oils, conventional solvents and chemical influence. Virtually unaffected by atmospheric action and weathering.

ELECTRICALLY: Mica has distinctive combination of great dielectric strength, uniform dielectric constant and capacitance stability, low power loss (high Q factor), high electrical resistivity, low temperature coefficient and superior insulating properties. It is noted for its resistance to arc and corona discharge with no permanent injury.

THERMALLY: Mica is fire proof, infusible, incombustible and non-flammable. It has low heat conductivity, remarkable thermal endurance and can be exposed to high temperatures without any noticeable effect.

MECHANICALLY: Mica is relatively soft and can be hand cut, machined or die-punched. It is flexible, elastic and tough having high tensile strength. It can easily sustain mechanical stresses and pressures.

Quality Classification

Various classification of Mica are based according to diverse sizes and qualities. The usual pattern of grading laid down by ISI, ASTM, NEMA, BSI, and DIN standards are followed in order that they may be accepted universally.

The grading of particle or aperture size is set in terms of millimeters, inches, microns and mesh counts.

Quality of Mica is still a function of many variables and mutual understanding between the buyer and the seller is practiced for individual requirements.

Micanite Sheets

  1. Commutator Mica Sheet (Segment Plate)
  2. Nomex Mica Sheet
  3. Heat resisting Mica Plate (sheet)
  4. Rigid Mica Sheet (Silver Mica)

Muscowhite mica sheet and Phlogophite Mica Sheet

Mica Tapes & Insulation Tapes

  1. Nomex mica paper Tape
  2. Mica Paper Cable Tape
  3. Mica Therm Tape
  4. Polyster Glass Mica Tape
  5. Glass Mica Polyster Tape “F” Class
  6. Glass Mica Glass Tape “H” Class
  7. Heat Shrinkable Polyster woven Tapes
  8. Glass Fibre Woven or Glass Polyseter Fibre Woven Tapes



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