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Bakelite Sheets

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.31.50 pmBakelite Sheets [Hylam Sheets]
(Phenol Laminated Sheets)

Bakelite Sheet is bonded under heat and pressure, is about one-half Weight of aluminum. It possesses an unusual combination of Properties –a good electrical insulator, yet mechanically strong; Good machinability, yet highly resistant to moisture. The Versatility of phenolic laminates (Bakelite Laminates) accounts For its use in practically every industry.


Bakelite Sheet has excellent electrical properties which make it indispensable as insulation for both high and low voltage application. Bakelite have low power factor at high frequencies makes it especially valuable as radio insulation. Because it has a very low moisture absorption, even when exposed to high humidity for long period of time, its electrical properties change but little under the most adverse conditions of use.



Bakelite sheet is very strong and tough. It can be easily punched sawed and sheared. Its excellent machining qualities allow it to be machined into any odd or complicated shape. The toughness and the high impact strength of our Fabric base (cloth base) Bakelite sheets make it suitable for gears and similar applications. Bakelite is one of the strongest materials per unit weight known.


Bakelite Sheets are used in large quantities in the chemical and textile industries. It is unaffected by solvents and oils. Bakelite is not attacked by most organic acids, dilute mineral acids, or by salt solutions. Certain grades in bakelite are considerably more resistant to alkaline solutions than usual commercial grades of bakelite.


Natural: This is a color Produced by the natural undyed paper or fabric and resin used and may vary light tan to a light brown or reddish brown. This natural colour shall be free from streaks or stains and substantially uniform.

Black: Black sheets shall have substantial uniform black surfaces and black body. A slight grayish black colour on the sanded, sawed or machined surface is permissible.

Dark brown (Chocolate): Uniform dark brown or chocolate sheets with natural core.

Gray: These are Uniform gray sheets..


Classification of Bakelite Sheets is based on the type of material used along with bonding agent to improve the properties of Bakelite laminated Sheets. There are two type of materials used along with synthetic resin (bonding agent) to enhance the properties of Bakelite sheets (Phenolic Laminates) i.e.

Paper: Quality of Bakelite (Paper) laminates greatly depends on the quality of paper used along with bonding agent and the number of layers of Paper used.

Fabric (Cloth): Type of cloth used in Bakelite (Phenolic) laminates defines the quality of laminate. Generally there are two type of fabric used i.e. cotton cloth or nylon cloth

Good quality Bakelite (fabric) sheet are made by using cotton cloth along with synthetic resin (bonding agent) as nylon cloth makes the Bakelite laminate brittle and difficult for fabrication process. Another factor of the cloth that affects the quality of the fabric laminated Bakelite sheets is the weave of the cloth used and the number of layers of cloth in a laminate.

Bakelite Sheet are available in Paper base and Fabric base and manufactured as per Specification and complying with Standard quality and Grade.

These sheets meet

  • IS Standards 2036-1995
  • NEMA Std. LI 1-2001
  • European Standard EN 60893-3-4-1995
  • German Standards DIN 7735

Bakelite sheets Paper base (Paper Bakelite Sheets)

Bakelite sheets Fabric base ( Hylam Fibre  Sheets)


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